Process Automation System

Process Automation

We designs Automated Systems for different sectors such as for Plastic Extrudors/Chiller Plants/Storm water treatment Plant(STP)/Waste Water Treatment Plant(WTP)/Effluent Water Treatment Plant(ETP)/Demand Controlling/Packaging Machines/Paper Mills/Steel Plants.  Besides Process Automation we carries out Sub-Station Automation for Controlling VCB on the basis of PF/Demand/Harmonics/Over current/Over Voltage/Under Voltage etc.  We Uses the Different Makes Of PLCs/SCADA/HMI etc. Our Process Automation system is fully customizable. We looks after the AC Drives Based Automation. Our Automation solution is cost effective with a strong technical troubleshooting background. Real Time Clock (RTC) based system for the precise operation based on Clock timings and Shifts.  Different modes of Operation i.e. Manual/Semi-Auto/Fully-Auto modes selection from HMI Display or from SCADA available. SCADA embedded system for easy & Precise Monitoring & Operation of Plant from Remote area. Reports Availability for the required parameters by client in Excel Sheet Form.  Historical/Real Time trends Availability.  Operator can feed the required Set Point from SCADA for the different numbers of required operations. Logic of PLC for controlling can be designed or customize as per client's request.  Module is customizable in terms of I/O.