Fire Protection Systems, Wet Riser Systems, Sprinklers Systems

Fire Protection Systems

Wet riser systems are a vital piece of fire protection equipment for buildings over 60 metres high. In case of a fire, they give the fire brigade essential access to water. With the potential for severe penalties should they fail when needed, the Govt. Standard recommends that wet risers are serviced every six months and hydraulically pressure tested annually. Our directly-employed service engineers carry out the necessary checks and flow tests to ensure the wet riser system is in full working condition and ready for use.

Dry and wet risers are a system of pipes intended for use by the Fire Brigade. They allow a supply of water for fighting fires throughout a building. The only difference between dry and wet risers is that wet risers contain a constant supply of water at all times, whereas, a dry riser is left empty so the Fire Brigade can pump an extinguishant of choice through them